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As a child one of my favourite classroom activities was to help with the display boards. Whether it was putting up pictures, borders, even taking the staples out with the special staple removal tool at the end of the term. Over time I was 'promoted' to be able to design the layout of my classmates' work.
Once school had finished and work began these opportunities became less frequent, but when they did arise I revelled in them. 
For me there is something so special about showcasing work that people have put time and effort into; making it look as good as it possibly can for everyone to see.

Becca -

It's a privilege for me to be at home at the moment looking after my two very young children as they are growing up. Web development started out as a hobby, but I quickly caught the bug and people began to ask me to create sites for them. I found an online platform, Squarespace, that I gelled with and enjoyed using. This is now where most of my work is focused.